Jeremy Josephs
Jeremy Josephs
Date of Birth
18 July 1956

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After reading law at Leeds University (1975-8), I attended the Inns of Court School of Law in London. I was called to the Bar in 1979.

I then accepted an offer to attend Bordeaux University as a lecturer-in-law for one year. At both Leeds and Bordeaux I was active in various human rights organizations, most notably Amnesty International.

From the September of 1979 until the June of 1983, I worked as political assistant to the Rt. Hon. Sir David Steel, MP, then the leader of the Liberal Party.

The period of my employment with the Liberal Party was a particularly exciting time in British politics, coinciding with the birth of the SDP and the subsequent formation of the Liberal-SDP Alliance. The story of the development this political union formed the subject matter of my first publication INSIDE THE ALLIANCE.

My second book, SWASTIKA OVER PARIS was published simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic - Bloomsbury in the UK and Arcade in the US. The book is a true account of the plight of two Jewish families, one rich and one poor, during the war years. The book has appeared in paperback, a further 50,000 copies (condensed version) were published as part of a new Reader's Digest imprint "Today's Best Non-Fiction". A book club edition has also appeared.

Dr. JACK - CALCUTTA'S PAVEMENT DOCTOR was also published by Bloomsbury. Once again it is a true story, this time a biography of a remarkable doctor who campaigns on behalf of the lepers and destitutes of West Bengal. An EVERYMAN television documentary, based upon the book, was broadcast by the BBC.

My next book, ONE BLOODY AFTERNOON – The Hungerford Massacre, documenting the history of the tragedy at Hungerford was published by as a hardback by Smith Gryphon with a paperback edition appearing shortly thereafter. The book was selected to appear in the Reader's Digest imprint "Today's Best Non-Fiction".

MURDER IN THE FAMILY - the inside story of the Jersey murders - coincided with the broadcast of a one-hour television documentary, networked nationally by Carlton TV and based upon the book. A German edition, MORD IN DER FAMILIE, has also been published.

There then followed A VINEYARD IN THE DORDOGNE published by Smith Gryphon, and the subject of a major serialization in the Mail on Sunday. Ramsay Editions published a French edition, the translation being selected for the French book club Le Grand Livre du Mois. This book chronicles the attempt of Nick Ryman - who founded the famous stationery chain - to pursue his dream of making the best wine in Bergerac whilst at the same time living in a magnificent chateau. The book assesses the price of his dream.

I have also written a book entitled ROSA'S CHILD which represents a return to the theme of the war years, and an account of one woman's determined quest to find out the fascinating but ultimately tragic truth concerning her heritage. This book received extensive publicity in the UK, was the subject of a major serialization in the Daily Mail, with a hardback German language edition Rosas Tochter also being published. American edition and Italian editions have also been published, with a French version now in the pipeline.

I also write regular freelance articles on diverse subjects for in-flight magazines both in the UK and elsewhere.

Additional Information

I have been married to Clair Symonds, a professional ballet dancer, since 1984. We have two children. We left London for Montpellier in the south of France in the early 1990s. I teach part time at various engineering schools in the city in addition to lecturing occasionally at the Faculty of Law. I often use my writing and other interests as a basis for teaching.