Murder in the Family
On the night of 10 October 1987 Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall went out to dinner with their sons to celebrate her 48th birthday. It was the last time that the parents were seen alive. Find out more..
Murder on the Menu
War-hero, huckster, showman and womanizer extraordinaire, Frenchman André Surmain has defied the critics and pulled off something really quite remarkable -Find out more..
One Bloody Afternoon
Nothing has ever happened like Hungerford. The years do not lessen the shock the nation felt at the news of Michael Ryan’s massacre of innocent people on the streets of this picture-postcard town.Find out more..
Roast Beef on Frogs' Legs
A word or two with the world’s greatest mime, Marcel Marceau? A chat with Brigitte Bardot? Insights from France’s top business leaders – or from British ex-patriots beating the French at their own wine-making or gastronomic games? Find out more..
Rosa’s Child
Born in Germany in 1936, three year old Susi Bechhofer and her twin sister Lotte were among thousands of children evacuated on the now famous Kindertransport as the country fell into the cruel grip of Nazism. Find out more..
Swastika over Paris
On Georg Haddad Street in the Syrian capital Damascus lives an old man named Aloïs Brunner. He is the last major Nazi war criminal still at large. His crimes are on a par with those of Adolf Eichmann. Find out more..
Dr Jack - Calcutta's Pavement Doctor
In the backstreets of Calcutta, shielded from the scorching sun by a tattered tarpaulin, mothers clutching semi-conscious, emaciated babies, and adult and children with missing or gangrenous limbs or suffering tuberculosisFind out more..
A Vineyard in the Dordogne
It had been his dream for as long as he could recall. To live in France. To make excellent wine in a vineyard of his own. And to have as his home..Find out more..
Inside The Alliance
There are many examples in the history of British politics of inter-party cooperation or pacts but nothing quite like the Liberal/Social Democratic Alliance. Find out more..
Mord in der Familie
Auf der wunderschönen Insel Jersey war die wohlhabende Familie Newall der Inbegriff für Erfolg. Roderick, der älteste Sohn, war ein gutaussehender Royal Green Jacket Leutnant, sein jüngerer Bruder, Mark, war Bankier.Find out more..
Un Château en Dordogne
Telle Alliénor d’Aquitaine, reine d’Angleterre, qui ne pouvait détacher son regard de la France, Nick Ryman avait toujours nourri le rêve d’y vivre. Il s'imaginait si bien, lui, l’Anglais, propriétaire d’un château et récoltantFind out more..
Meurtre en Famille
Sur la belle île de Jersey, la famille Newall avait pignon sur rue. Elle jouissait d’une fortune confortable et d’une solide réputation ; Roderick, le brillant fils aîné,Find out more..
Asesinato en la Familia
En la hermosa isla de Jersey, la acaudalada familia Newall era el arquetipo de éxito: Roderick, el hijo mayor, era un apuesto teniente del Royal Green Jackets;Find out more..
Rosas Tochter
Im Jahr 1939 kam die dreijährige Susi mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester aus Nazi-Deutschland nach England. Ein kinderloses Ehepaar nahm die beiden auf und gab sie als eigene Kinder aus.Find out more..
La niña de Rosa
Nacida en Alemania en 1936, Susi Bechhofer de tres años y su hermana gemela Lotte estaban entre los miles de niños evacuados en el ahora famoso Kindertransport ya que el país habíaFind out more..
Jeremy Josephs relating the remarkable story of the disappearance of Elizabeth and Nicholas Newall in October 1987. What began as a simple missing persons case soon turned into one of the most enthralling murder mystery and suspense stories of the 20th century. And it all took place on the tiny island of Jersey where, the locals will have you believe 'nothing ever happens'.